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Our main focus is:

Provide technical and financial advices in getting  International Green Finance for renewable energy projects
Development and assistance on Environmental Monitoring of renewable energy and emission offset projects
Assist in getting emission offset based finances for community and social projects
Assist in getting access to finances for low carbon agricultural, household biogas and waste management projects.


Our Services include :

Comprehensive solutions for water and wastewater treatment projects
Source identification for water supply projects
Yield evaluation of bore-wells
Water harvesting structures
DPR and Feasibility Studies
Solid Waste Management studies


We along with our Professionals, Volunteers and NGOs provide training, capacity building and on-site monitoring of emission offset for Hydro, Wind, Biomass, Solar, Bio-digesters, Cookstoves and Energy Efficient implementation projects.


Our Climate Change Services on emission offset mechanism are:
Assist in development of PDD, Baseline Emission Computations and Emission Reduction calculations
Assist in conducting community and stakeholders consultation process
Assist in meeting national and international green project requirements
Assist in implementation of green projects
Gold Standard :
Assist in conducting LSC meetings
Development of Project Documents and monitoring process
Evaluation of sustainable development indices for projects
Registration with GS and post registration monitoring
Development of PD and baseline computations
Onsite stakeholders consultations
Assist in Emission Reduction computation and VCS registrations


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